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Staff Application Format
Staff Application Format
Please copy the following format when you are applying for staff. 
Failure to use this format will result in instant denial of application.
Should this application be accepted, you will be invited for a short interview with Staff Management.

1. What is your In-Game Name? (IGN) 

2. What is your Steam ID (Not 64, use 

3. Timezone? (Eg. BST,EST ect.)

4. Do you have any other staffing experience? (If yes please explain in detail)
5. What date did you start playing on our community? (Rough Estimate) 

6. Why do you want to be staff on Noble Networks? 

7. Why do you think you should receive the rank of staff?

8. What can you bring to the staff team?


9. Jackson pulls out a gun on Daniel and adverts Kidnap. He tells Daniel to get in his car but Daniel runs off. Jackson calls for Staff, how do you proceed?

10. James has just run out of spawn and stabbed David to death and attempts to kill another player. He states he is killing them because he is a psychotic murderer in Dunwood. How would you proceed with this situation?

11. A new player called Joe has gone to the Hospital Roof. You are cloaked watching him, he starts looking around and heads to the HEMS NPC. He looks at the sign above it then spawns a Bell 206b. 
At what point should you/should you have intervened? How will you deal with the situation?

12. You brought a player to the roof for a staff sit. All he does it cuss at you and does not give you a chance to speak. How would you deal with this situation?

Conditions of applying, by applying for staff on Noble Networks you hereby agree to the following:
- That you have answered this application to the best of your ability,
- You have not copied this application from anyone else nor have you received help during writing this.
- You are not currently staff on another server (Due to conflict of interest)
- That you will not advertise your staff application or ask for it to be reviewed as this will result in instant denial.

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